Conveyancing & Property Law

We are experienced in all facets of real estate and business conveyancing both in NSW and interstate, from the simple transfer of a block of residential town land, to an off-the-plan Strata unit in the heart of Sydney, to complex Old System rural possessory title applications; from the purchase of a local sandwich bar or newsagency to the sale of a multi-million dollar vineyard and tourist development in the Valley.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Purchase and sale of residences, businesses, rural and commercial property
  • Leases for commercial and residential properties for both Landlord and Tenant clients
  • Mortgages for lenders and borrowers.
  • Creation of easements and rights of way
  • Subdivisions- large developments and “one-off” projects

What happens once I’ve decided to buy?

If you are buying a property and wish us to act for you, you should inform the Real Estate Agent of our firm details, then contact us. We will provide you in our initial letter with the information you need to commence the legal process and advise you of our professional fees for acting for you.

By far the most significant cost of buying real estate (apart from the purchase price) is the Stamp Duty payable to the State Government. If you wish to calculate the State Government Stamp Duty which will apply to your purchase press the link to the Revenue NSW website then click on Calculator. There are exemptions from Stamp Duty in certain circumstances involving Family Law settlements, Rural Intergenerational Transfers and Transfers pursuant to a Trust. Also, if this is your First Home Purchase then you may qualify for a Grant and for exemption from State Stamp Duty. These details can be obtained from us or the Revenue NSW website.

What do I do once I’ve decided to sell?

As soon as you have selected a Real Estate Agent to market your property you should provide the agent with our details and we will contact you advising all the initial vendor information we need to prepare your Contract for Sale using our questionnaire.

If you need more information or wish to obtain a quotation, please contact us by telephone on 02-49905566 or e-mail